To all our wonderful rescue friends and foster carers, thank you so much for caring and for being part of our Foster First programme.

This page is dedicated to the amazing rescues who have secured foster carers through Foster First and the wonderful foster carers who are now sharing their hearts and their homes with rescue pets they’ve met through Foster First.

Teddy and BaxterTeddy, Baxter and Carol – What bestie friends these two are already! Thank you so much Carol and Baxter for opening up your home to help Teddy. He has truly got his feet under the table already in 24 hours of arriving. They are having competitions on who can do the most wees and pumps, we are sure these two are going to provide us with lots of stories over the coming weeks. Thanks to Stu for transporting Teddy safely and Kristy for the perfect handover after caring for Teddy as an emergency. Much respect to Ana and Foster First who find homes for so many dogs, they have been amazing in helping Team Poundie and so many others place dogs in some fab homes and helping save dogs from situations by working as part of a team. Happy times Teddy and Baxter – have fun together, that’s what life is all about xx


GeorgeStephen and George – George, otherwise known as Slobber Chops, is a 13 year old Staffie cross. I fostered him because otherwise he would have been put to sleep. On Monday 1st July, George was delivered to my Flat by a kind lady with a van equipped to transport dogs. At first sight I thought George lacked shape and was overweight. He was panting heavily. Rather than walking he seemed to waddle. He arrived with some toys and was particularly attached to his kongs, which he chewed obsessively. He seemed harmless enough but was not demonstrative – it seemed that he did not care too much who his owner was. That first evening I took George to our local private park. Because of his age we sat for long periods of time by the lake watching the ducks. George seemed to have no interest in his surroundings or the ducks. I had been told he did not like other dogs and indeed he did react when he saw other dogs. George had very little appetite for food over those first few days. I was not unduly worried about this because I thought losing weight would benefit George. That first night George was overjoyed when he discovered he could sleep on my bed. I had to hide under the covers to avoid the ardent licking George tried to dispense! Since George’s arrival he has been diagnosed with arthritis in his back legs and a heart murmur. George is prescribed a small daily dose of pain relief. Subsequent tests show that George has healthy kidneys, liver and other internal organs. Since arriving George has lost about 2kg in weight and the vet believes he is now too light and that his daily meals need to be larger. George wholeheartedly agrees with the vet’s opinion on this matter now that his appetite has returned! George is a difficult dog to get to know. He arrived as a withdrawn dog. He had not been socialised and does not play Fetch. Because he can be very reactive to other dogs he wears a muzzle when he is taken for his daily walks. He has seen a behaviourist who has provided tricks and tips for managing his behaviour and we now take walks in the park almost without incident. Other dog walkers have been very understanding of George’s problems and the hardships he endured earlier in his life. For all his apparent aggression towards other dogs, George is basically a nice dog. I have discovered that George loves to play Find, whereby a tennis ball or kong is thrown into bushes. George is a master of finding the ball or kong and he enjoys the search immensely judging by his tail wags. He always finds the thrown object such is his determination! The more challenging the search the more George enjoys it and these games provide George with enjoyable exercise for his arthritic back legs. They also focus his attention which helps to avoid conflict with other dogs, even those dogs brave enough to approach him! George has been with me for eight weeks now. In that time, he has come out of himself and is enjoying a new lease of life. He is an energetic, playful, and very strong dog. The behaviourist tells me that it could take six months for George to settle in completely and I look forward to our mutual understanding and respect deepening. I hope George will, in time, accept me as his new master and trust me enough to play Fetch with him. I hope to make George’s few remaining years, happy ones. (George was rescued by and fostered through Tails and Scales Rescue UK).


Helene and Kobi – I decided to look into fostering once my son had left home and taken his own dog with him, I thought that there must have been many dogs in need of a safe loving home, I did lots of research and realised that Foster First have contacts all over the country and beyond, so I reached out to them, Ana responded immediately. I told Ana that I didn’t mind the age, size, sex or breed of a foster dog and she was on the case right away, she was also so grateful that I was considering fostering, that really touched my heart. I needed a dog that was friendly as my disabled mother lives with me, and cat friendly too. I missed out on the first foster I wanted, Ana then gave me contacts so I could express my interest to different rescues/shelters, I did this, but I didn’t get a response, to me this identifies how much pressure the rescues must be under. I told Ana I was losing heart but she never gave up, she kept in contact with me, and then something marvellous happened, with Foster First and Balto Dog Rescue working together I got my foster. Please meet Kobi, he is beautiful, clever, kind, loyal and very greedy, he has changed my life, three weeks ago I didn’t know him, now I can’t imagine life without him. I encourage anyone who has the space in their heart and home to take a dog in need, it is so rewarding, more than anything, I thank Ana for not giving up and just imagine how many dogs she has helped.


Joeys Boxer LegacyJoey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue have been running for 9 years and have a great following on Facebook already. In December 2018 we joined Twitter to raise awareness of the rescue and to help find foster and forever homes for our dogs. Foster First has been a great support from the beginning from retweeting, sending direct messages to me asking questions about our dogs and locations. Foster First take a real interest in our rescue and is a great asset to helping us find our dogs foster or forever homes, especially as we rehome and rescue Boxer dogs and Boxer cross breeds across the UK, this is geographically a large area. Foster first have a great following on Twitter I would say this is due to the networking with other animal lovers and rescue centres and I personally can see the passion, care and effort that goes into their Tweets. On behalf of us all at Joey’s Legacy, thank you FOSTER FIRST and we look forward to your continued support………x


ALANA: What can I say about fostering?? Well even though I’m still very new to this as I’ve only been a foster mummy for approximately 4 weeks. I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve made in years.. To be responsible for a beautiful lump of love Dunya. A mixed bread 2yr old female from Croatia who hasn’t had the best start after being bunged into a vehicle & dumped at a petrol station with a broken leg. It’s makes you sick how anybody who do this to a poor defensive animal. Dunya has been a fantastic addition to our home to see this little nervous timid girl gain confidence & become calm & more settled every day is so rewarding. Then there’s the external gratitude you get of random strangers you meet out & about whilst walking, when telling them about her back story. I found this quite overwhelming as I’d not anticipated this praise. But the best thing is seeing her trusting me, being happy & content, the smiles the snuggles on the couch & the sweet little kisses she gives are so rewarding. Another bonus of fostering is the exercise I’m out everyday & my clothes are definitely fitting me a hell of a lot better. I would highly recommend being a foster parent. I’m dreading her going to her forever home but the knowledge that she’ll be going to a loving home & i have given her the ability to trust again means loads. Then also I will be able to do all this again for another poor dog just gives me a warm glow. The association I’m linked to are always are there to offer support & advise. It’s a pleasure to be a foster parent I couldn’t recommend it more.

HETTIE: Foster First were so amazing and helpful and do such a wonderful job. If you are considering fostering then look to Foster First. Wonderful work, thank goodness for fabulous people like these.

JUDITH: We used Foster First to help us get in touch with the right charities for our family and they type of dog we thought would fit into our family life. Provided a great level of service and within 3 weeks we had a new foster dog in our home. Would recommend Foster First to those new to the world of fostering and those coming back to it.

KATY: I would like to say what a wonderful job FOSTERFIRST do, I have personally saved 2 British Bull dogs from being put to sleep all via FOSTERFIRST on Twitter. They have now been moved on but I sadly miss them greatly. I would foster again in a flash it’s so rewarding. Please keep up the good work, you have my full admiration and support anytime I can help.

VICKY: I was lucky enough to come across Foster First on Twitter, she helped me find the right rescue. I’m now fostering Nova, he’s Yorkshire Terrier cross with Chihuahua. Nova is adorable, friendly, and has a big personality for a small dog. A massive thanks to Foster First for helping me to help a dog.