RETIRED? Love dogs but can’t commit long term?

  • RetiredMaybe you now have more free time on your hands? 
  • Maybe you’ve had a dog as part of your family before? 
  • Maybe you’d love to have a dog again, but don’t want to be tied down to a long-term commitment?

Thousands of people who are retired are enjoying the freedom of being able to travel and socialise now that their time is their own.

We understand that having just left certain ‘commitments’ and daily routines behind, the idea of having a dog might sound appealing but the reality of taking on a such a huge commitment full time doesn’t fit with your new flexible lifestyle.

We’ve spoken to lots of retired people over the years who love their newfound freedom, but still feel there is something missing in their lives. They love interacting with other peoples’ dogs when they go out for walks but it’s just not the same as having a furry friend to cosy up with at home. And sometimes these very same people are worried that if they have a dog now that they’re older, what will happen to their best friend if they become ill or pass away?

We understand these concerns only too well and greatly appreciate how responsible this attitude to having a pet is. It’s also why fostering a dog when you’re retired makes such great sense. And it keeps you active which is good for your well-being.

Foster First aims to bring the right people together with the right dogs for the right amount of time so that you both benefit from some extra love and companionship.

You’ll find a list of rescues that are part of the Foster First programme here.