OLDER? Would you love a doggy companion for a while?

As our population ages, too many older people are becoming isolated and lonely. And there are probably tens of thousands of older people in the UK who used to have a dog, or who love dogs but may think their age or circumstances aren’t suitable to have a dog full time.

It seems a terrible shame that one of the greatest cures for loneliness is the companionship of an animal friend, especially when there are just so many animals out there who would dearly love to spend time with a human companion too.


00140071The greatest tragedy is that there are just so many lovely, affectionate and calm older dogs who have sadly lost their beloved humans.

We know what it’s like to grieve for someone we’ve lost, and so do they. These are the dogs that find it hard to get a second chance just because they’re old.

Yet these are the very best dogs to have when you’re older yourself because they love to snooze, cuddle, go for small, slow walks, have a nice meal and more than anything, just have company.

“Age is something to be respected and cherished, whether human or animal. You both have so much life experience to share with each other, so let’s start sharing.”

There are always rescues looking for fosterers for older dogs. One group in particular is dedicated to older dogs of all ages and abilities. They’re called Oldies Club – why not check them out now?