FOSTERING saves lives

Fostering Saves LivesPuppy farmers and back street breeders continue to exploit our best friends for money and the demand for ‘instant’ puppies by the public is being blamed. In fact, a new ‘dog for sale’ advert is placed online every 2 minutes in the UK!

At the same time, tens of thousands of healthy, loving companion dogs continue to languish in kennels in rehoming centres.

But the worst of all situations is the dogs that are found as strays or dumped in council pounds. Here is where the lives of dogs, through no fault of their own, really becomes a matter of life and death. And this is the most heart-breaking situation for the smaller rescues in particular who work so hard with so little money.

Thousands of dogs are killed in the UK each year because there are no rescue spaces available.


With kennel spaces across the UK few and far between these days, it is left to individuals from small and mid-sized rescues, or rescues who have contracts with local councils, to walk down the rows of kennels in council pounds, look these poor dogs in the eye and then choose which ones they have space to accommodate. Every one of these dogs wants to live and deserves a chance, and yet the ‘pound-pullers’ have no option but to leave dogs behind to face an uncertain future. And it shouldn’t be underestimated how traumatic it is for the people, often volunteers, who have to face this heart-breaking situation and make these impossible decisions on a regular basis.

“One of the most urgent aims of the Foster First programme is to help bring down the number of dogs being euthanised in pounds on the basis of insufficient rescue spaces being available. We need to get this number to zero.”

With your help we can get there. The more dogs that are fostered, the more rescue spaces will be freed up to take in dogs dumped in pounds. And that means fewer loving, wonderful dogs will be killed simply because there isn’t anywhere for them to go.

We don’t underestimate the size of this challenge, but Foster First is our commitment to working with like-minded organisations, charities, rescues and companies on constructive and responsible ways to combat the UK’s homeless dog crisis.

Maybe you can be a foster hero and help us get to zero faster? You’ll find a list of rescues taking part in the Foster First programme here.