FOSTER to help end puppy farming



The emphasis on maintaining the quantity of puppies being bred in order to meet public demand has become more important in some circles than ensuring that puppies are healthy and well socialised and come from healthy, contented parents, where welfare standards are not compromised.

This attitude has continued to fuel the cruel and unnecessary industry called puppy farming and the additional exploitation of dogs through back street breeding.

“The fact is, high welfare dog breeders do not have to advertise their litters. They have waiting lists for their puppies even before those puppies have been conceived.”

High welfare dog breeders won’t just hand over a puppy to you after one visit and they definitely don’t breed puppies to be sold at Christmas.

If you can trawl the internet and find a puppy that you can bring home straight away, especially if you can’t see the puppy with his or her biological mum, you are more than likely purchasing a low welfare puppy from a low welfare breeder or puppy dealer. It means the parents of your puppy may be living in squalor hundreds of miles away and your little bundle of joy may break your heart and empty your bank account with vet bills. Why would anyone take that risk?


Nobody wants to buy a sick puppy. Nobody wants to buy a puppy that will die. And nobody wants to bring home a puppy that will have a lifetime of health and behavioural problems.

If you absolutely must buy a puppy rather than adopt a dog or puppy from a rescue, here’s something worthwhile to do while you wait for your high welfare puppy to be born:

  • Foster a dog which will help you prepare for what lies ahead especially if you’ve never had a dog before.
  • Do something amazing by helping a dog take a break from being kennelled and give them your love and attention.

NOTE: January and February are particularly good times to get a puppy from a rehoming centre because unwanted ‘Christmas present’ puppies come flooding in having been bought on a whim by people who didn’t think it through. But don’t forget, puppies and dogs of all breeds and ages are available to adopt all year round and are chipped, wormed, flea treated and vaccinated.

Before you buy a puppy, Foster First! Take a look here.