DOMESTIC VIOLENCEThere are so many ways that fostering helps in our communities.

What many people don’t know is that some rescues are not only lifesavers for dogs and other animals, but also for people who find themselves in impossible domestic situations. It’s yet another example of how fostering animals plays such an important role in the lives of animals and animal lovers in today’s society.

There are people suffering in silence right now across the UK who fear, not only for their own safety and often that of their children too, but also for the safety of their beloved companion animals.

When you’re so desperate to escape an abusive situation, sometimes with just the clothes on your back or whatever you can quickly pack in a bag, you can either find yourself staying with friends, becoming homeless or seeking a bed in a refuge shelter. These are often not options that make it possible to take your pet with you.

For too many people, they feel unable to flee abuse because they are too fearful to leave a violent partner who may hurt or even kill their vulnerable pet in anger or as an act of revenge.

This is where being able to contact a rescue and have your pet placed in a temporary foster home until you can relocate to somewhere safe and be reunited with your pet, is so vital.

Help4Wales Foundation Animal Safe Haven is a service in Wales. They support victims of domestic abuse by temporarily caring for their pets while they access a refuge and begin to rebuild their lives. Each animal is referred to Animal Safe Haven where they receive a full health check, vet treatment if required, and a fosterer to provide a temporary loving home.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and want to leave your current situation but have nowhere for your dog, cat, rabbit or other pet to go to temporarily, please don’t hesitate to contact your local rescue and rehoming centre who will do what they can to assist you and put your mind at rest while you find alternative accommodation.