Firstly, we are immensely grateful to the over 400 people who have been in touch in the last week or so regarding fostering rescue dogs while they are working from home.

Sadly, due to the current lockdown situation, including travel restrictions and social distancing, these very kind offers aren’t able to be accepted at this time by most small rescues. This is because home checks and transportation cannot be arranged. These would normally be done by a network of volunteers. Understandably, precautions must now be in place to ensure that both potential fosterers and rescuers remain safe and unfortunately the resources don’t exist to ensure this can happen.

There are over 100 small rescues on our Foster First site and more joining all the time. And it is small rescues like these and so many others that are the backbone of UK animal welfare. But with fostering not an option at the present time, too many small rescues are now in absolutely desperate situations.

Here’s why:

  • Their volunteers are unable to go out and fundraise in the community now
  • More kennel spaces are having to be paid for to keep dogs (and other animals) safe
  • Most small rescues have rent to pay each month to keep going or face eviction
  • Many now urgently need to buy food for the animals in their care
  • Vets bills continue to be the largest outlay for small rescues

We cannot stress enough that small rescues mostly live a hand to mouth existence at the best of times. But these are the worst of times. Times that none of us ever imagined happening.

Wherever you live in the UK, please we urge you to make a donation to a small local rescue in your community right now. Time is not on their side.

We know that a lot is being asked of us all right now and everyone is having to make difficult decisions. But there are also some small sacrifices that people are having to make as well, like going to the hairdressers, nail bars, restaurants, the cinema, theme parks. It’s just a thought but if you can’t go out to spend money on things like these, you could actually save the life of an animal instead!

Finally, we hope and pray that all of our friends, supporters and followers, rescues and their teams stay safe and well during these frightening times. We must all stay strong for our animal friends who need us to continue to be their voices for a long time to come.

Thank you.

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