Today, we celebrate and support the work of all the rescues who are part of our Foster First programme – our Foster First Family.

Rescues that are there for animals in need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter the cost or personal sacrifice, and who so often go the extra mile (sometimes hundreds of miles) to find fosterers, adopters or safe havens in cases of domestic violence. Rescues that save pound dogs on death row when their 7 days are up. Rescues that don’t turn dogs away because they don’t ‘fit their brand’s criteria’. Rescues that never turn dogs in need away because they’re too old, or because they need expensive veterinary treatment, or because they’re not a popular breed. Rescues that have volunteers frantically fundraising for them on the streets or at events in their spare time (not to be confused with the people you often see manning stands who are just paid professionals posing as representatives of large, wealthy charities).

These rescues, these wonderful, generous-spirited human beings have become our family, our friends, our heroes and our inspiration to do even more for rescues who may not be household names but who are the backbone of the nation’s rescue system. Please, as an animal lover, whenever you’re considering making a donation because you really want to make a difference, look at the smaller rescues who won’t just see you as a number, but who will value you as a guardian angel for the dogs, cats and other animals they put first.

On behalf of all our Foster First family, thank you. Together we want to continue to make an even bigger difference for animals in need in 2020 so please keep following the Foster First and C.A.R.I.A.D. social media channels and websites to keep updated.

For details of all our Foster First rescues, please visit our ‘RESCUES NEEDING FOSTERERS’ website page.

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