One year ago today, we launched Foster First. And what a year it’s been!

Thanks to a dedicated network of over 100 smaller rescues around the UK and a fantastic number of caring individuals and families who have opened their hearts and their homes to rescue pets in need, we have been able to help save over 225 rescue pets including dogs, cats, cockerels and hens.

We’ve also helped and supported 42 victims of domestic violence in finding them somewhere safe for their animals to stay for a while. Here’s just one of the many articles our dear friends at Dogs Today Magazine have dedicated to Foster First and our vital work.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the extraordinary smaller rescues who are part of our Foster First programme, rescues often run solely by volunteers in desperate need of funds. Here are just some of the rescues who have been there for us and the animals without hesitation, at all times of the day and night and no matter the cost of veterinary bills. These are the unsung animal heroes. For details of all our rescues needing foster carers, please visit our website.


And of course, there’s YOU! The overwhelmingly kind and caring members of the public who opened your hearts and homes to rescue pets in need. It’s because of you over 225 rescue pets had somewhere warm and safe to stay for a while. It’s because of you 23 foster pets became what we call ‘failed fosters’ and have been adopted by their fosterers. It’s because of you rescues and pound-pullers were able to save the lives of more animals. It’s because of you that homeless people and their pets didn’t have to live in their cars or tents or have to surrender their beloved pets for permanent rehoming. So, to all 378+ members of the public who joined our foster carer list this year, we THANK you from the bottom of our hearts.

This is a critical time of year for animals in need. All sorts of animals – dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles and others. This is the time when uncaring people ‘throw out’ their loyal canine companions because they’re older and they want to buy a ‘cute’ puppy instead. A time when people decide to go on holiday and leave their pets behind. A time when smaller rescues around the UK are left to pick up the pieces as they always do. These rescues aren’t ‘household names’. Even if they all clubbed together, they couldn’t afford to make a TV commercial at Christmas or at any other time of the year. Please think about this when it comes to making your next charitable donation. These are the rescues that genuinely need your help now and these are the rescues that continue to need fosterers more desperately than ever.

If you would like to join or support our Foster First programme, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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