WELCOME HOME to Foster First

Foster First Logo Foster First puts the vital role of fostering pets in the spotlight and is a resource for rescues and the public. We are first and foremost a resource that highlights the vital role fostering plays within the rescue world and in our community. Its aim is to bring rescues and potential fosterers together to help animals in a home environment. The programme supports small and medium sized local rescues because we recognise that many of these rescues rely heavily on or are run solely by volunteers and have very little money and so are unlikely to have the time or resources available to promote their vital work.

We launched Foster First for three reasons:

  • To help stem the flow of unwanted puppies entering the rescue system by educating potential first time puppy buyers about what the responsibility of having a dog entails and how it will affect their daily lives, BEFORE they purchase a puppy, by fostering a dog first.
  • As a response to the UK’s rescue dog and kennel space crisis with the aim of bringing more people together who may not even know about fostering, with dogs that desperately need the love and comfort only a home environment can offer, while they wait for a forever home.
  • To help alleviate the loneliness and isolation that many older people feel by showing them how fostering a dog can bring companionship into their lives without the fear of long-term commitment.

Rescues all over the UK are in urgent need of fosterers and you’ll find those who are part of the Foster First programme here.